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What does wellness and magic have to do with each other?  Well today at TWU radio, we will surely find out!  Michael Grandinetti is not your ordinary magician.  Michael has made a name for himself around the world as an extremely talented and innovative illusionist and entertainer.

He has been featured on NBC’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic” television special, The CW’s “Masters of Illusion” series, FOX’s “Bones” series, Pop Network’s “Don’t Blink”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “Access Hollywood”, “SportsCenter”, “NBA on TNT”, “New York Today”, “FOX & Friends”, and “The Bold and the Beautiful”.  Michael was recently featured on the cover of TV Times magazine and Entertainment Weekly.

Michael Grandinetti - NFL Halftime Stadium Levitation (1)

So what’s the connection between magic and wellness?  On today’s show, Michael and I discuss how his lifestyle demands wellness.  Not only is eating right and exercising crucial to having the ability to perform physically demanding tricks, it is essential to maintain energy levels to deal with the grueling schedule that Michael and his team endure.

We also delve into how Michael chose his career path and stuck with it from such a young age.  Michael discovered his passion for magic and performance at the age of five and never turned back.  He has been able to live out his goal of leading an international magic and entertainment business.  And guess what, Michael is truly happy.  After all, isn’t a part of wellness pursuing happiness?

Listen in as Michael shares how magic shaped his life.  Tune is as Michael describes the process of following his vision, never getting off of the path, and ultimately being able to live out his wildest dreams.  Listen as he explains how he is able to live a healthy lifestyle while dealing with the heavy demands of being a sought after magician.


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