Kelly Baez

Kelly Baez

Weight loss is on the mind of a majority of Americans most of the time.  Think about it.  Are you on a diet right now? How many of us are constantly concerned with losing a few pounds?  Or how many of us are concerned about maintaining a certain weight? I personally don’t know anyone who isn’t dieting in some form or the other.

The truth is, losing weight isn’t easy.  Yet somehow Dr. Kelly Baez was able to lose over 75 pounds on two separate occasions at two totally different points in her life. She doesn’t attribute this huge success to a particular diet.  She’s not promoting a paleo diet or a vegan approach.  She simply credits success in weight loss to the individuals mindset.

Dr. Baez has a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years in practice. Her company FitShrink focuses on lasting weight loss through lifestyle changes and a dedicated mindset.  She’s passionate about sharing ways people can work with their minds instead of against them to achieve lasting lifestyle change.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How she was able to lose a huge amount of weight twice.
  • The difference between the two ways she dieted and what she noticed about her approach.
  • What’s wrong with dieting.
  • What lifestyle changes someone can start immediately that can have the most impact on overall health.
  • What she considers the worst expert advice that she has seen.
  • Her stance on gluten, dairy, GMO’s,  and organic eating.
  • The importance to ease yourself into a lifestyle change, and
  • Why good sleep is a learned skill.

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