onewomanthreemenHaven’t we heard it all when it comes to love, sex, and relationships?  After all, don’t they say that there’s nothing new under the sun?  Well, whatever we are hearing isn’t really preparing us for the reality of the situation.  We sure aren’t getting the results we desire.  Considering that 40% of marriages end in divorce, I’d say it is quite obvious that a modern approach to finding a mate needs to be found and applied immediately.

Pouline Middleton might be the lady who changes the world of dating and relationships. Pouline Middleton was deeply disappointed by her love life.  Pouline had a divorce that left her a single mother thrown into the dating scene. Then, a relationship with a cheating man  opened her eyes.  Pouline decided to rethink how she dated.  She made a list of all the aspects of  a mate that were important to her.  A list of 26 items became categorized into 3 areas: a man to talk with; a man to be intimate with; and a handy man.

So began the revolutionary theory of modern love and conscious dating.

one3Listen in as we discuss:

  • The one thing that she thinks we can eliminate in society that would ultimately help everyone when it comes to finding romantic happiness.
  • Why Pouline feels the youth are changing the lines of sexuality and openness.
  • How the one woman, three man model empowers women.
  • The concept of modern love and why women should be open to this new form of dating.
  • The influence of romantic ideals and how they can sabotage relationships, and
  • Whether she would recommend this method to her daughter.

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