Stacey Chillemi had some week!  On Monday, she met Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief and owner of the Huffington post who promptly asked her if she would write a featured article and join her team as on of her bloggers on the Huffington post!  On Tuesday, Stacey was on the set of Dr. Oz as a presenter and was able to personally hand her book to him!  And finally, as the icing on the cake, Stacey was on TWU Radio with yours truly!  Talk about a productive week!


Okay, I know that we here at TWU Radio aren’t nearly on the “big deal” scale as Arianna or Dr. Oz (yet), but it does show how much of a big deal Stacey is!   Stacey is a health expert and the author of over 20 books.  Her latest book is The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables, and Alternative Medicine.  She teaches individuals how to prevent, heal and maintain optimum health using alternative medicine, herbals, vitamins and food.


Stacey developed epilepsy at the age of five.  She had struggled with this illness her entire life.  Many years ago, she began working for an herbalist and became interested in herbals.  She began to detoxify her body, changed her eating and sleeping patterns, incorporated mediation and yoga, and cleansed her body from all negative energies.  Then the magic began.  She went from nine seizures a month, down to 6, then 5, then 3 to 1 then to none.  She now has been seizure free for over 15 years.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why people are so reluctant to take natural remedies seriously.
  • Why it is important to realize that although something may be natural, it isn’t necessarily safe.
  • Some of her favorite supplements that are inexpensive and found in most kitchens.
  • Advice for people suffering from anxiety.
  • The benefits of medical marijuana and the controversy behind it.
  • Her thoughts on essential oils, and
  • Her natural beauty tips for tighter skin and bags under the eyes.

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Thank you Stacey for being on the show!