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Training methods come and go as frequently as diet fads.  The fitness community is constantly evolving as science and culture introduce new ideas and trends that shape how we go about our journey to improve our physiques.  Historically, we have seen so many different approaches from barbell training to cross-fit gyms setting up innovative ways of improving our bodies.  With so many options, how does one approach finding a solution that works for them?

I think we need a little guidance here.  Wouldn’t it helps if you have someone who has seen most of these trends and has grown and evolved with them as well?  Wouldn’t it also help when that person’s preference of training is a one on one approach that appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and has been able to find commonalities that prove true across the wide array of methods?

Dominic Novak is that guy.  Dominic is the President, owner and lead trainer of Peak 360 Greenwich. He has been in the fitness industry training clients for over 30 years.  He has trained athletes, celebrities and clients of all ages sharing his passion of guiding clients and helping them reach their fitness goals.

Dominic is also the author of  H.E.A.L., a 30 day Spirit, Mind, Body Cleanse.  With his immense knowledge and experience, he created the AlignTM Posture Perfecting Program, a revolutionary program guaranteed to change your shape and appearance.

Listen in as we discuss this revolutionary program and:

  •  Why muscle spacing and posture are so important.
  •  How he decided to change his training method after 30 years.
  •  How he stumbled upon the Align Posture Perfecting Program.
  •  What he feels is wrong with cross-fit.
  •  Why people look aesthetically better after using this program.
  •  How his faith helped in his business and his profession.

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Thank you Dominic for being on the show!