I know, I know.  I’m doing a lot of shows on mindfulness and presence.  I guess it’s a combination of the universe telling the audience of the importance of this topic and the fact that I am just SO bad at being present!  I a multi-tasking, ADD having, hot mess.  I don’t know what percentage of the day that I’m actually focused on just BEING, but I’m sure it is rather low.

So how great is it that I have the opportunity to interview someone who is a Presence Coach?  This is exactly what I need!

Today we welcome James Westly to the show.  James is a psychotherapist whose practice is based on teachings of ancient wisdom that is designed to facilitate Higher Consciousness, his life long personal pursuit.  In 1977, James joined a mystery school devoted to developing greater Self-Awareness.  He was with the school for eight years, including a 5 year disappearance off the grid.  His book, My Journey To Now is a memoir of his journey and his re-acclimation to civilization.
Listen in as we discuss:
  • The synchronicity that propelled him to go off the grid for 5 years.
  • Why we aren’t our thoughts.
  • What his daily routine is, including food and exercise.
  • How being present is important for driven and goal oriented people.
  • The health benefits of being present.
  • How he still relates to people even after he found a way to stop thinking, and
  • How it is a process of remembering not so much as manifesting.

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Thank you James for being on the show!