Laura Richardson

An ex is an ex for a reason.  It just didn’t work out.  Sometimes it’s an amicable split.  Sometimes it crashes and burns with such ferocity that the effects linger well past the moment you walk away.  This split is exasperated especially when divorce and children are involved.  Add the courts into the equation and all bets are off.

The quicker these issues are resolved, the quicker life goes on in a more positive and productive way.  Who better to help us navigate these rocky waters than Laura Richardson?  Laura is a former attorney turned life coach on a mission to help people who have ongoing conflicts with their current and former spouses, to find alternative solutions to save time, money and heart-ache. Laura’s focus is finding out of court dispute resolutions that are faster, less expensive and more satisfying for everyone involved.  This gives people a chance to have a vote on what happens in the future, as oppose to solely being at the mercy of a judge.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What made her go from a lawyer to a life coach.
  • What made her so passionate about helping people with complex relationship conflicts.
  • What she feels is the hardest thing about getting over relationships.
  • What she feels compels a person to hang on in relationships that aren’t working.
  • The hardest emotion to deal with in a divorce.
  • What advice she gives to people who are divorced and are getting into new relationships.
  • And the topic that dominated the show, why there is so much dysfunction in African-American relationships.

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