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It is always cool when you are intimidated and enlightened by a book all at one time.  I honestly can say Aleya Dao’s book, Seven Cups of Consciousness: Change Your Life by Connecting to the Higher Realms, definitely fit that bill.

Why did it have this effect on me?  Well, 1st off, it really showed me that we are not alone in our journey here.  In fact, we are constantly surrounded by loving beings who assist in our growth and development along the way.  That was really enlightening.  The intimidating part (to me) is the fact that we have to manage these beings and involve them in the process of bettering ourselves in this world.  We have to be the CEO of our lives!

In Seven Cups of Consciousness, Aleya  shares how an incredible life becomes possible when you learn to consciously connect with these resources in the higher realms.  Her book outlines a step-by-step process built around the “Cups of Consciousness” that are designed to give us access to other dimensions. The seven cups she offers are simple concepts, such as “You Live in an Multidimensional Reality,” “You Are Never Alone,” and “Your Challenges Can Help You Grow.”

Check out the podcast as we talk about how we can organize our “team” and utilize this resource to create a fulfilling reality.  Listen as we discuss the simple techniques we can utilize to get connected to our higher self.  Join us as Aleya shares a typical day where she enjoys hot baths, coffee, and the occasional glass of wine!

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