Stepping out of your comfort zone is very difficult.  If you deal with any confidence or self-worth issues, this task becomes that much more challenging.   To assist in making this uncomfortable transition, it often requires helping people get past their limiting beliefs, releasing old traumas, and learning to love yourself.

To assist in this process, we recruited Confidence and Wellness Coach Molly Wentzel.  Molly utilizes a variety of tools at her disposal like Reiki, essential oils, stress management techniques, and meditation.

At one point Molly didn’t have any self-confidence and had no idea how that was affecting her entire life.  She had tremendous difficulty speaking up for herself and in turn surrounded herself with a lot of low frequency people who made her feel even worse.  It took a tremendous toll on both her physical and emotional health.


She now has since transformed her life with her exclusive coaching program Unhappy to Unstoppable, and now is her self proclaimed own biggest fan.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How to realize you are living your life for others expectations and not your own.
  • How to get out of comfort zones and how to shift into a new reality.
  • How a crazy and uncomfortable idea pleasantly turns into the new normal.
  • The 4 myths she has learned about confidence.
  • Why busy people often feel as though everything else must come before their own happiness.
  • How speaking up for yourself literally change her life, and
  • How to live your own signature life.


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