I can tell you one thing I’ve learned about getting clients as a health coach.  The quickest way to get clients is to speak at a workshop, or at a seminar, or at any venue that puts you in front of a crowd of people. That very act of public speaking and being in front of an audience somehow validates your authority and expertise and people want to work with you.  I’m not 100% sure why this is the case or whether or not this is just human nature, but it truly works!  But public speaking isn’t for everybody. That’s a fact.
We welcome Mark Stephen Pooler to the show all the way from England to help us out with this topic. Mark’s specializes in helping speakers and coaches  that are feeling stuck where they are. To gain self confidence in moving forwards and overcome stress, anxiety depression and frustration in making progress.
This is done using his exclusive “Brilliance programme”. His system that allows established speakers and coaches to gain more confidence and get results fast, using the 7 Step process of growing your business through the power of your voice for speeches, keynotes and workshops.