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I consider myself to be a pretty dynamic host.  I’m not Oprah or Barbara Walters, but I think I can get my guests to shine.  My interview with Bob Lancer was quite different.  Bob got busy.  Bob dropped knowledge.  He was SO captivating and on point with his concepts that all I could do is agree with everything he said by continuously acknowledging that everything he said made perfect sense!  He didn’t need me to be there at all.
How did Bob get so good?  Well, for the past 3 decades he’s been inspiring audiences around the world to lead healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives through his Positive Attitude-Shift keynotes.  These keynotes are presented to businesses, schools, hospitals, spiritual groups and organizations of all kinds in the U.S. and overseas.  He’s also a best selling author and hosted his own motivational talk show host for 15 years.

Bob joins the radio show to discuss his groundbreaking concept called The Method.  The Method is an amazingly simple and effective way to free yourself from persistent feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, discouragement, and low self-worth to name a few.   Bob uses The Method to dissolve the limiting, negative mental and emotional programming that blocks abundance and well-being and produces the difficulties we repeatedly come up against, or feel stuck in.  It really opens the door to limitless possibilities.

Listen in as we discuss:
  • How he came up with The Method.
  • How The Method starts to work after just a 20 minute phone call.
  • What the problem is with visualization and positive thinking and how The Method is the missing key.
  • What the importance is of figuring out our deepest inner negative feelings.
  • Our parents role in our evolution, and
  • The idea of the Universal Principles.

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Thank you Bob for being on the show!