Tocotrienol, Geranylgeraniol, and Overall Health

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Using Antioxidants to Help Combat Chronic Diseases

The Difference Between Tocopherols & Tocotrienols


Dr. Barrie Tan Notable Quotes

“When we talk about the wrong way to eat, oftentimes, we’re eating because of the calories that we need. And other people speak about this, too, not only the calories that we eat, but also the nutrients that carry those calories. Because of that, the simplistic way would be how much protein we eat, carbohydrate, and fat, and those would be the bulk ingredient that carry what we eat.”
Dr. Barrie Tan

“For me, we don’t need to eat as much carbohydrate as we think…and increasing protein would not be a bad idea, with the sole exception of those who have kidney problems. Otherwise, increased protein, less carbohydrate, and having the right kinds of fat—that would be the right way to eat.”
Dr. Barrie Tan


Episode Summary

We all know all the great benefits of antioxidants such as vitamin E—how they can delay aging, prevent and repair cell damage, and improve our overall health. But what if there were a more potent form of vitamin E that does all of the promises of antioxidants but better?

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to the president of American River Nutrition, Dr. Barrie Tan, who is also famed for having discovered a form of vitamin E called tocotrienol. He walks us through how he came to discover tocotrienol, its role in our health, as well as some of the research they’ve done to uncover what tocotrienol does and what it can do with regard to chronic conditions and overall health.


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Where to get Tocotrienol and Geranylgeraniol


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Barrie Tan (00:39)
  • There is the wrong way to eat (02:37)
  • Barrie Tan, his education, and his research (04:14)
  • The misconception about vitamin E and the discovery of tocotrienols (06:42)
  • Tocopherols versus tocotrienols (17:15)
  • Chronic diseases and the role of tocotrienols in combating them (20:17)
    • Barrie Tan’s study on end-stage cancer patients (25:00)
  • Annatto and tocotrienols and changes in chronic conditions (29:22)
  • Do tocotrienols have any effect on weight loss? (34:02)
  • Geranylgeraniol (GG), the chemical substance that separates plants from animals (37:30)
    • What our bodies create using geranylgeraniol (39:43)
    • Amino acids, protein, and geranylgeraniol (41:47)
    • Synthesizing proteins and molecules with GG (45:20)
  • The best way to get tocotrienols on the most beneficial dosages (51:05)
    • Recommended dosages for geranylgeraniol (53:02)
  • Where to get tocotrienol and geranylgeraniol (53:59)
  • Something Dr. Barrie Tan discovered during the pandemic (54:57)


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