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Do you remember your first dream?  Not a sleeping dream, but a dream of what or who you wanted to become?  Why didn’t this dream become a reality?  If it did, how exactly did it come true?

For many of us, “life” gets in the way.  Over time, the difference between our dreams and the dreams of society are blurred.  We experience various outside pressures that dilute our initial dreams, often by people who have already let their dreams sail away.

Today’s guest sheds some light on how we can truly connect to ourselves so that we can allow our dreams to be actualized.  Johanna Derbolowsky, author of The Transformation Promise, developed the Quantum Heart Field Experience.  This program is meant to be an easy to learn way to transform life’s situation simply by changing yourself. Johanna is a metaphysical teacher and healing coach on the forefront of healing and transformation.


In addition to her healing work she is an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministries, spiritual counselor and life coach. Her desire to serve and understand has led her to study different religions, philosophies and healing modalities, including hypnotherapy, Reiki, consciousness stem-cell therapy, matrix energetics.  Although none of these techniques completely provided the answers she was seeking, it led her to her own work in the Quantum Heart Field.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why dreams don’t always work out and how can we tell the difference between our own dreams and societies expectations.
  • Why it is important when challenging ingrained beliefs to look for evidence to the contrary of that belief.
  • The 3 easy to use tools for healing and shifting.
  • How when you judge yourself, you become judgmental of others.
  • Why claiming that something is “none of our business” is not an acceptable position.
  • Her 4 step process of healing.
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