Let’s face it.  Weight loss isn’t always just about eating right and exercising.  Some people can do all of the right things in these arenas and still have difficulty losing weight and keeping it off.  In these cases, we should really look at an often overlooked culprit: our thyroid.

Today’s guest on the show is Dr. Gil Kajiki.  Dr. Kajiki is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Chiropractor (C.F.M.P., D.C.) and patient educator with clients across the globe. At the Valley Thyroid Institute, he and his staff are revolutionizing the way that hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid are diagnosed and treated using drug-free solutions.

He gained his understanding of the thyroid through personal experience. His wife Kim was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr syndrome.  She suffered from extreme fatigue, fevers, hair loss, and weight gain for several years. As her health declined, and no answers from the hospital visits and tests, Dr. Kajiki began to research a solution himself.  He put together a variety of tests that finally pointed to Hashimoto’s disease.  The only solution offered by Kim’s doctor was lifetime thyroid hormone replacement.
Knowing there had to be another way, Dr. Kajiki create a protocol that completely healed his wife. These methods are now shared with his patients around the globe and has proven to be a viable alternative to life long medication.
Tune is as we discuss:
  • What the thyroid is and why is it so important to our overall health.
  • What causes thyroid conditions.
  • What the role of does diet plays, along with stress and antibiotics in thyroid health.
  • Why the thyroid is crucial in weight loss.
  • Why being a functional medicine doctor helped him understand the complexity of the thyroid.
  • The relationship between the thyroid and digestive health, and
  • Why individuality is so important in treating the thyroid.

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