Time is a really weird thing, isn’t it?  Everyone in the world has the same 168 hours in a week.  Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Phelps included. So what’s the difference between these high achievers and us?  How do they squeeze more out of those 168 hours?  Do they work harder during that period?  Do they not sleep during those hours?  Maybe they don’t eat?  How can they be that much more productive in the exact same time frame than we are?  Chad Cooper’s new book Time Isn’t The Problem, You Are, aims to shed some light on these differences.


time isn’t the problem

Chad is a coach leading a life of example.  He retired at 35 years old and now coaches and mentors across several fields in order to inspire others to grasp their dreams and execute with passion.  He is Owner of Factive Nautics Coaching and a Platinum/Master Coach for the Robbins Research International organization.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • How he retired at 35.
  • Why  so many people operate without truly reflecting on their values when it comes to the big picture.
  • Why language is so important.
  • His flu experience in the Marine Corps and how it taught him that it is up to us to decide when and whether to listen to our body or our mind.
  • Why you shouldn’t take a job for the money.
  • What he learned from my former guest Elliot Katz about relationships and being a strong man.
  • Why health is so important when it comes to time management, and
  • Why our loved ones make for lousy cheerleaders.
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