Brittney Prendergast, author of Buddha Belly


How to find your niche market as a health coach probably ranks up there in importance as how to get clients!  In fact, it might be the chicken and the egg scenario.  Which comes first, clients or your niche?  So not only is it a tough question, it is also a question that stumps most health coaches.  Health coaches want to help everyone! It’s in our nature.  We also know that we can help a lot of different people, so to ask us to narrow it down to a tight, select area of health and wellness can becomes a very difficult task.

So how do we narrow it down?  As health coaches, we all love something about health and wellness.  I always ask, what was it about health and wellness that caused us to get into this work to begin with?  Many of us have had life experiences or health issues that we’ve overcome or figured out that we want to share with others.  The thing that motivates us to share our knowledge and experience tend to revolve around what we are passionate about.  Think about how you got in this space.  Was it for weight loss?  Did you overcome digestive issues?  Did you cure yourself of an illness?  Whatever it was, most likely it became a passion, which leads us to our niche.

So today’s episode we discuss this topic with Brittney Pendergrast.  Brittney is the author of Buddha Belly: A Mind-Body-Soul Approach to Health Starting with Your Gut. This book is all about her niche and focuses on gut health as the foundation of wellness.   Brittney is a certified health coach and a founder of the Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy.

Buddha Belly

Listen in as we discuss:
  • How she figured out that she wanted to be a health coach.
  • Some of the obstacles she encountered while establishing her health coaching business.
  • How finding her niche market changed everything.
  • Tips on how she got clients.
  • How she discovered the mind-gut connection, and
  • What she feels one of the most disheartening things about being a health coach is in this current world?


Thank  you Brittney for being on the show!