Health Coach Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller

Every health coach should appreciate Elicia Miller’s tagline of Your symptoms are a gift.  How profound of a statement is that?  And as a health coaches, we can surely agree with it.

Sure, a client might not agree with this statement on the surface.  They are coming to you to heal their symptoms.  To ease their pains.  From their perspective, these symptoms are far from a gift.

Yet the symptoms provide us with clues on what the underlying issue can possibly be.  At times, the process to eradicate the symptom is simple and self evident.  At other times, it is a lot deeper and can’t be quickly healed with a simple  dietary change or an exercise tweak.  These instances often call for deep emotional healing that is often overlooked by health coaches and other practitioners who engage in medical and spiritual healing approaches.

Elicia Miller joins us to discuss this missing link and shares her Core Emotional Healing® model which helps people remove these emotional blocks that limit healing and often prevents the full alleviation of the problem symptoms.Elicia is a Candida Expert, speaker, author and Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has over 10 years of experience in deep experiential work and training in unconscious emotional wounds that cause physical symptoms, eating disorders, and relationship problems.

Elicia’s own extensive journey healing Systemic Candida gave her the experience to guide hundreds, from around the world, to freedom from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, codependency, addictions, poor body image and perfectionism by healing the emotional root cause to live a fulfilled, and inspired life!

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Why Elicia believes symptoms are a gift and what kind of clients she attracts with this philosophy.
  • Her method of interpreting these symptoms.
  • How she finally realized that symptoms were more than physical.
  •  How she discovered her own candida issue.
  •  Some common symptoms that have specific emotional connections that many people can relate to, and
  •  How unaddressed emotional issues spiral into different health issues
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Thank you Elicia for being on the show!